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  1. Gosh I hope I win! BF and I have one already but trying for another. We got our first on the first time we had intercourse. He’s devastated we didn’t get BFP last month. I’ve never seen him like this. Currently 8DPO and only have a FRER Gold Digital left over. A little short on cash do to only him having a job atm. Also hope I get this job at the Walgreens Monday!! Hope we win some HCG’s!!!! Could really use them!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Ps I heard about your website on a YouTube Video I was searching to ease my mind. The waiting process is nerve wracking when actually TTC. So I’ve been doing research and keeping my mind busy by watching reviews on pregnancy tests and stories ect..

  3. Hello I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning at around 11am and had a very faint pink line after 2 minutes, which means positive, I even took pictures but it lasted for about five more minutes then completely disappeared. I then took 3 more test after, and they were all negative. Last menstrual cycle was on 14th of February and I get them already 25 days from last so could I be pregnant, is it too early, or was it a false positive? Thank you in advance.

  4. Hello..ok so I’m very confused as too what’s going on with my body. Let me back up here a little. I was 15 years old when I first lost my virginity an within a month of unprotected sex I was pregnant…soon after giving birth(day of delivery) I started deposit shots(birth control) I took the birth control for 3 by 18..19 yes old I was no longer on any birth control… I didn’t pregnant at all years go by an nothing… 10 years later I turn up pregnant 4 months of unprotected sex an finally I’m pregnant!!! I gave birth to a healthy little boy 2-5-2016 I had my first period postpartum.. Then 2-29-2016 I had light bleeding (spotting) for 7 days straight. After that I don’t get my period until 4-12-2016 (42 day cycle) very heavy cycle an consistent..on the 6 the day it starts to lighten up an by the 7th day( today) it’s almost done( black on pad an lighter)..I’ve been charting my basal body temperature in the meantime this month. Consecutively are my temps starting April 5th an so on 97. 98
    97.77 April 6
    97.79 April 7
    97.70 April 8
    97.90 April 9
    97.16 April 10
    97.44 April 11
    97.20 April 12 started period
    97.01 April 13
    97.01 April 14
    97.02 April 16
    97.04 April 17
    96.81 April 18 still on period
    I was soooo confused to why my bbt dropped so much today. I woke up an didn’t move nothing but my hand to actually grab the thermometer an I’m really confused..I remembered I had a ovulation test so I took it..knowing I’m on my period I’m not thinking nothing is going to show..the first test had 2 lines that are almost similar an shows maybe not even 2 he’s later I take another ovulation test of the same brand an it shows 2 lines but now test line is lighter..I’m so confused I have pcos so it takes me a bit longer to conceive with my irregular I’m trying to get all this under control so I can know what’s going on with my I can help conceiving be a bit easier. So the question is..AM I OVULATING NOW??. WHY DID MY BBT DROP SO MUCH WHEN MY PERIOD SHOULD BE ENDING BY TOMORROW?? CAN YOU OVULATE WHILE ON YOUR MENSTRAL CYCLE?? HELPP LOL

  5. Hi everyone,
    Im due af tomorrow i took an ovulation test today just out of curiosity and it’s positive the test line is just as dark as the control line.. although I had a positive opk test on the 12th day after my period and dtd!! Has anyone had a positive ovulation test and then got a positive pregnancy test? I’m gonna wait a few days see if af shows up before taking a hpt.

  6. Woke up this morning with heavy blood went pee wiped used a pad went pee again after about an hour no blood wiped faint pink spotted light pink and brown all of aug. Nothing in july an unusual watery cycle june 29th after having a normal cycle june 5th took 4 test only one had a second line but its shadowy like the run tests. Its a cheap dg test for a buck. I used my finger to check servix it was like a cone with a ball at the end of it.

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