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32 thoughts on “Welcome to PeeOnAStickFreak.com!

  1. currently been ttc for five months after my sterilisation reversal I had done in aug 19th last year. I’ve possibly got to go for a hsg to see if my tubes are blocked but hoping they are not. I’m 3 days late for af according to my calendar app. but other app ovia says af due 28th I’ve had sign of being pregnant I’m 11dpo I tested 4 days ago but bfn (may of been to early) any tips on how to get pregnant I will try i e medication and that

  2. Hi Lisa! My best recommendation for you (aside from speaking with your PCP or OB) would be to attempt the natural methods such as charting your fertility through with tracking your Basal Body Temperature, Cervical Mucus/Fluids, and Cervical Position each day, along with whatever is suggested by your Dr or even your RE. Using Ovulation Predictor Kits can also help aide in detecting a LH Surge (Luteinizing Hormone) which increases just 12-72 hours prior to when Ovulation occurs and can help you maximize your chances of conception if intercourse is timed accordingly. I hope this helps, we have many articles on here that have helpful information if you’re new to any of this and Good Luck in your journey!

  3. Been ttc for 3 months, I tested yesterday with a 10miu test (stork whistle) & immediately got a very faint but odd looking test line with first morning urine. Testing again later that day with more diluted urine & was totally negative. I tested again today with first morning urine with a different brand (sure predict) of 10miu tests & again yielded an immediate extremely faint line. I tested again later in the day & got all negative results. My question is, can an evap line show up immediately? Because these lines are so faint that they almost resemble evap lines! But I’ve never heard of an evap line showing up immediately. Please give me your expert opinion because this is driving me crazy in my 2ww! Ty!!!

    • Hi Aradia!

      To answer your question, Evaporation Lines only show up after the time limit as the Urine evaporates off of the test. Anything that shows up within can be considered a positive result. Indent Lines unfortunately can also appear within the time limit as well, and are usually colorless and very thin in comparison to the Control Line. Also, (although opks are very helpful in determining an increase in LH – Luteinizing Hormone) they only predict that Ovulation is near. Charting your Basal Body Temperature (aside from getting bloodwork done) is the only way to confirm that Ovulation has occurred, with at least 3 higher, sustained temps. Hope this helps and Good Luck sweety!

  4. Good Evening my name is Joan and I am new to reading forums but are in need of some help. So me and fiance have been TTC for the past few months. My last period was 3/21/2015 and I should have gotten my period April 18 and nothing showed. May 1st I had a light spotting and I thought it was time but nothing after that May 3rd the same thing happened and I thought it was period and nope I was wrong. I have taken test all negative now I took one May 8th Equate brand and there was a very very very faint line. I have taken a few more and they say negative. So I don’t know if to believe that I am just a big Fat Negative? What would you recommend? Thank you so much

    JOAN: )

  5. I did a pregnancy today fmu and it had the most faint line I have ever seen, I true squinter! I added food coloring and the line just popped right out! And then I watched Ashley’s YouTube video on adding food coloring to urine and testing and saw you can get a false positive. Sad day! I’m on CD 25 not sure on dpo but AF is due on the 28th. I have one hcg test left and I haven’t the strength to not use it tomorrow , *smacks forehead* I’m so weak!

  6. Oh and to add to it, the line is exactly where it should be and is the proper thickness, so is it an evap I caught? An indent ugh I hate this waiting game

    • Evaporation lines only occur outside of the timeframe as the urine evaporates off of a dry test. Now an indent line can occur within – and is simply the antibody strip. There’s always an antibody strip, and some are more visible than others. Hope that helps! ☺️

  7. Please help! I will be 6 days late tomorrow i took a clear blue digital and got a Pregnant 1-2weeks and then being paranoid of course took a test after coming home from work today and got a Not pregnant on a clear blue digital? Anybody else experience this or am i experiencing a chemical pregnancy or a false positive?

    • It actually could be all of the above, but not likely a chemical on the same day as you got a positive result earlier. A lot of times, urine dilution can effect the outcome of a test. So essentially, it depends on how long of a hold and whether or not you refrained from drinking anything. During early pregnancy, your hcg concentration is much higher with FMU (First Morning Urine) for these very reasons.

  8. Hi all! We’ve been TTC for 3 months now. The first 1 I didn’t chart at all, #2 I charted a little, but this month I charted daily. Depending on which chart I use I have 2 different O dates :-( with FF it says I O’d on CD 19 but with MFC I O’d on CD11.

    I have been temping every day still (I’m 5dpo with FF) and BFNs every day. AF is due in 5 more days. I had a temp spike on CD 20 with a drop to my covering on CD 22 & back up high.

    Any advice? :Scratching Head:

    • Well for starters – I always highly recommend using Fertility Friend. They have the most advanced charting software currently available and it’s easy to interpret, and extremely accurate.

      Now as far as your cycles are concerned – a lot of it also depends on the accuracy of the information you’re putting in. Are you temping at the SAME TIME each day, with little to no movement? Are you familiar with the different types of cervical fluid you will have throughout the duration of your cycle? Are you using opks (Ovulation Predictor Kits) to track your LH levels?

      Each of these things can differ greatly from woman to woman, and can also make a difference on the accuracy of your charts.

  9. Hi I’ve been trying to conceive right now I am late by one day I was supposed to start my period by July 13th, 2015 and nothing yet but I have been getting mild cramping about a week and a half. When is the best day to take an test and what test is the best to use?

    • My first question to most – is are you confirming your ovulation by temping and/or with blood work/scans?

      If not, there’s a good possibility that you may have ovulated a bit later and you may not actually be late yet.

      Usually implantation occurs anywhere from 6-12dpo (and statistically on average at 9dpo for most women) so most usually start testing around 7-10dpo.

      As far as tests are concerned with early pregnancy, I always recommend using a highly sensitive test such as First Response, and even FRER Digital Gold, or Clearblue Digital Weeks Estimator. If you’re on a bit of a budget, you can also get inexpensive test strips off of EBay or Amazon in big bundles. ☺️

  10. Hello ok so my last period was July 2nd, but it wasn’t like my normal periods. It came early was very light and I had almost no cramping with it at all. Where usually I would be in a fetal position cuddling my heating pad for a good 2 days. Usually my periods are very regular every 26 days and last 3 to 4 days. This one lasted maybe 3. Then a week after I stopped bleeding I went to the bathroom and noticed I had spotting. I never have spotting. It was very light pink and only last a couple hours. Since then I’ve had cramping, been really tired all the time, very dizzy, bloated, nauseous, been peeing more than usual, headaches and been craving certain foods. I’ve taken 2 tests and they both came back negative. I feel like I am pregnant and seeing those negatives make me feel like I am going crazy. My period is suppose to be here in 5 days. When do you think would be the best day to test? I’ve heard it’s best to wait until the day of your missed period, I’m so anxious to know, but don’t want to see another negative from testing too early. Any input is greatly appreciate.

    • Hi Ashley,
      My biggest suggestion to you – would be to wait until you have had a missed period. It sounds to me like that very well could have been potentially implantation bleeding and if so, it can take a few days for your HCG to build up and metabolize into your urine, in order to register positive on a test. Good luck and definitely keep us updated! ☺️

      • Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I think I may have had a chemical. =( I took a test the day before my period was suppose to arrive and I saw a faint line. Got up the next day and had the same thing. I was 4 days late and all of a sudden I started to bleed really heavy. No cramping at all, but had bad back pains. It only lasted 1 day then 2 days after that I was spotting, but I would only see it when I wiped. My periods are very regular and when they start they start off light and get heavier from there. So I knew something wasn’t right. Went to the doctor and they did a test and it came back negative and a few days later all my symptoms just stopped. Its sad, but things happen for a reason. Guess we just have to keep practicing lol.

  11. My last period was on the 2nd of september til 6th of September. I did the deed on sept 1, before my period came. And now my period has yet to come. I took 3 tests, 2 were a 100% negative and one was negative with a faint line. It looked like an evap line to me but i’m not sure! If i was pregnant, it should be a straight positive right? Since it has been more than 20dpo. And i had no symptoms of pregnancy.

  12. Okay so, I’m new here, and I really need advice. I had my ‘period’ this month on the 12th. Cramps, etc. I was having pregnancy symptoms before. But they’re also the same as pms. But anyway, I got off my menses 6 days ago and I still have fatigue, sore breasts, headaches (now and again) vivid dreams, hunger, and I’ve gotten two faintly positive wondfo tests. I’m so confused and kind of annoyed at this point. Can someone help me!

  13. Thank u for this. MANY woman on Facebook seemed to be confused on what a bfp actually is…..the only thing I would change though is….your false positive is actually a negative. If you call the company they will tell you that classified as a negative :)

  14. Hi! Here’s my story, my period is now 4 days late, yesterday I found that I had light peachy/brown discharge all day, and some mild cramping.. This morning I realized I was lightly spotting/bleeding; peach, brown and red discharge, I took an ovulation test using Clear Blue digital and got a smiley face. My periods are always pretty normal, I have never been on birth control & we have been TTC for about a year now & last month I started taking Folic Acid. I’m so nervous and excited, but don’t wanna tell my husband till I know something for sure. Please help!!

  15. Hi I am currently on nexplanon and just got to faint positive and not sure if there positive or evap lines I didn’t wait long for them to show up but there very light lines just curious wat your guys opinions are I’m freaking out lol

  16. Goodevening! i have another experiment for yall that im going to be testing the hypothesis for tomorrow so i will update yall with the information of the results tomorrow have a bless day thank you

  17. Hi! sorry for taken so long to get back to yall i been very busy however i did mange to get some more experiments done first off i dont know if yall everr try the homemade pregnancy test that our ancestors used back in the day before pregnancy test were even thought of i try them and let me tell yall they were all postive im told they are reliable and accurate so here are the ones i tryed the vinegar pregnancy test sugar pregnancy test salt pregnancy test bleach pregnancy test pine sol pregnancy test and toothpaste pregnancy test the i experimented with vinegar bleach pine sol peroxide rubbing alcohol out of all them only the rubbing alcohol was postive on the pregnancy test cassette then i tested out my theory even more with fruit punch grape juice mixed berry juice and almond milk out of these everyone was postive on the pregnancy test cassette but the almond milk so i will keep testing with different liquids and further my theory experiments see you soon thank you

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