4 thoughts on “Early Signs of Pregnancy

  1. I had a normal cycle june 5th then on the 29th of june i had a watery 3 day cycle nothing in july then this month i spotted a few times light faint pink and brown and then in the past few days i spotted red needed no pad but covered the tp pretty good with cramping I took a test and got what looked like a faint line but im wondering if its not just a run. I took the test as directed.

  2. I took a hpt two times today and I got a negative result on the tests I was trying to see if i tested to early and maybe that’s why I got an negative result my period is expected July 15th, 2018 and I had unprotected sex more than one time the last time I had unprotected sex was June 22nd, 2018 I’m really worried and I just needed some advice on what to do and when I should retake another hpt.

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