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So you’re essentially a Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak just like me? Well – you’re in luck! Here you’ll find a variety of experiments dedicated to any and all pee on a stick addictions known to man. Whether they’re from my personal experiences (Yes, there are a few videos from my amateur days when I was very much camera-shy Ha Ha!) or just experiments in general, you’ll find some answers to some much anticipated questions. (Sometimes I just need to fulfill my POAS addiction) so with that being said, PLEASE “LIKE” and “SUBSCRIBE” to my Youtube channel! That would definitely help me out a great deal if you would like me to continue making these entertaining videos (or as I like to call them VLOGS!)

Can (Walmart Brand) First Signal HPT and Clearblue Easy detect HCG from a POSSIBLE Miscarriage?

Can you detect HCG using Home Remedies?!

Can urine Concentrated with Menstrual Blood effect the outcome of a HPT?

Can urine with Concentrated Menstrual Blood effect the outcome of a NEGATIVE HPT?

(Spotting after 14 day long Flo) What happened when I decided to Pee-On-A-Stick?!

Re-Peeing on a NEGATIVE HPT (just to feed my POAS addiction!)

Evaporation Line OR Positive HPT?

Can Red DYE yield a positive Result on a HPT?!

Will I yield the SAME RESULTS with both an OPK and HPT?!

Can the Temperature of Urine Effect the Results on a HPT?

Reusing a NEGATIVE HPT with Urine that contains HCG!

Can you get a FALSE POSITIVE RESULT on a Test Strip simply if it came into contact with another POSITIVE Test Strip?

Can Soda, Juice or Tea yield a FALSE POSITIVE RESULT?!

Is the Sugar Content (inside of certain drinks) Responsible for causing FALSE POSITIVE RESULTS?!

We update this page often with new experiments, so be sure to visit regularly!

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2 thoughts on “HPT Experiments!

  1. I have a question similar to Amber’s:

    Yesterday (4 days post light implantation bleeding) I took a test first thing in the morning. The test was faulty and the control line didn’t show up, since I was frustrated and didn’t want to wait for the next day for more concentrated pee I pulled the absorbent pad out of the faulty test and squeezed it onto a new test… Two Pink Lines!! I did take another test this morning and it was negative :'(

    Question: did chemicals/dye/whatever give a false positive or did it make the test more sensitive? (I have one more test, so I will wait a week and try again, I’m just looking for some hope)

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