Up and Up Prenatal Vitamins Customer Reviews!




“These are cheap and amazing, about $4 a bottle they have everything you need for TTC, pregnancy and well prenatals are recommended for any female age 20-35 to keep healthy. These don’t make you nauseous like a lot can.
I strongly recommend!”

“I recently heard that taking prenatal vitamins would help with hair and nail growth and also give me the nutrients that ive been slightly lacking. after hearing this i took a look in the mirror at my hair that hadnt been growing for over a year and then down at my nails that i recently stopped chewing that looked like hell and decided id test this theory out. ive been taking prenatals every other day for over a year now and they have become part of my routine because ive seen healthychanges. my nails grow at a better rate and chip and peel less. my hair has been growing at a good pace as welland its a relief to actually see strands getting longer after such a longperiod of not growing at all. i canhonestly say that these will be part of my routine for a very long time now.”JenniferMaye

“I have five children and it feels like I have taken at least twenty different brands or types of prenatal vitamins. I started with only taking the prescribed prenatal vitamins, but my insurance only wanted to pay for the cheap generic brands that made me feel even worse while being pregnant. They would make me nauseated and cause my stomach to be upset. So after experimenting a bit with over the counter name brand prenatal vitamins, I decided to try Target’s brand of prenatal vitamins. If I ever decide to have another child, this prenatal vitamin from Target will be my first choice. You can’t beat the price and all of Target’s store brand products have proved to be just as good, if not better, than leading national brands. They didn’t make me feel nauseated, and they were gentler on my stomach. I still experienced a little bit of an after taste, but I could deal with it. And if you take them with some food it will eliminate the after taste. This is a great prenatal vitamin at a great price.”lonnieb

“I purchased these prenatal vitamins from Target back when my husband and I first decided to start trying to have a baby. I wanted to get a jump start on the vitamins and my OBGYN said they were fine to take while trying to get pregnant. I continued to take them through the first trimester of my pregnancy, until I switched to a prescription prenatal vitamin that contained DHA. I didn’t have any bad side effects from these prenatal vitamins. I always took them with a meal though so I can’t say for sure if they would make you feel sick if taken on an empty stomach. These were the lest expensive prenatal vitamins that I found. I sat in the store and read the labels and the ingredients were just about identical to the brand name vitamins that cost twice as much as these from Target. I gave birth to a very healthy 7lb 2oz baby girl and while I’m sure I can’t give all the credit to these prenatal vitamins, I’m sure they helped!”jcaitlin221

“This is a great product. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since December of 2009, before I was pregnant. These are a great price and comparable to the One A Day Prenatal. The only difference now is that the One A Day vitamins have a smaller DHA pill which is a HUGE plus and kind of worth the extra money during early pregnancy when nausea it at it’s worse. The price on the Up and Up are great, especially when paired with a Target coupon.

The DHA pill is essential and highly recommended by doctors/midwives. It’s beneficial even after birth if the mother is nursing. It’s great for brain development of baby. I have taken these before, during and after pregnancy both times and will do so again if we have a 3rd!

This is a prenatal vitamin that you can feel good about. It will help provide vitamins and minerals that you may be missing during/after pregnancy…iron being one of them!” – tickledpinkgiggles

“During my last two pregnancies, I used Target Prenatal Vitamins, and truthfully I wish I would have discovered them sooner (I have 3 kids). Using this product saved me a lot of money compared to prescription prices and due to the larger sized bottle, it saved me several trips to the pharmacy to pick up monthly prescriptions.

I was feeling insecure about switching products at first, so I brought the Target Prenatal Vitamin bottle to my OBGYN office to show them the label. They approved my choice and only recommended that I start taking an additional supplement for DHA (and I found an over-the-counter alternative for this too).

These vitimans were not as large as other prenatal vitamins that I had taken in the past and had no bad aftertaste like I had experienced with some prescription vitamins. They did not cause any stomach issues for me either… thankfully! I always took them with food, but I don’t think this was necessarily a requirement.

I breastfed all of my babies, and continued to take these prenatal vitamins during these times also. I would highly recommend them for all pregnant and nursing moms!” – lauriebullmom3

“I started taking Target Women’s Prenatal Vitamins when I was trying to get pregnant. My doctor said that generic prenatals were equivalent to prescription so I thought this would be a good choice. The price was very reasonable and the nutritional composition looked appropropriate and not excessive. When I started taking the vitamins I really liked the size of the pills, they are small enough that they are easy to swallow. The coating doesn’t smell or taste like vitamins, like so many other brands do and because of this I can take them on an empty stomach without feeling like I am going to gag. I took these through the morning sickness of my pregnancy and have continued to take them years after my child was born. I am not even trying to get pregnant now but I continue to take these daily because I notice, more than any other vitamin my hair and nails are so much stronger with them. I have, on occasion switched to a one-a-day and immediately noticed cracks in my nails. Great vitamins!”whitney105

“My wife is currently taking womans prenatal target brand multi vitamin and she loves them.I love the price and that we no longer have to visit a pharmacy to pick these up it is way more convienient and easy for a busy family to just grab off the shelf and go. I know she did discuss with her doctor and he agreed that these are just as healthy and beneficial for her and the unborn child as any vitamin she would get from a prescription at the pharmacy. The only downside is if your local pharmacy offers free prenatal multi vitamins you have to get a brand behind the pharmacy not off the shelf.but the convience to us and our kids is worth more than the sevrel bucks we pay every so often for a bottle of prenatal vitamins. She has a easy time swallowing these pills as well and the make her less sick than the stuart prenatal vitamins did. she is taking these for four months now and we are very pleased with them.”jtr1978

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