Equate OPK Customer Reviews!




“Terrible!!!!! False Positives that are thin and only one side of the vertical line that sucks!!!! Don’t buy these or the Dollar Store Brands.”TTCWolfCub

“The walmart brand OV test are no good. my first time using it a couple test turned out invalid and also i got a positive off of one but when my blood results came back negative a couple days after. the walmart brands give false positives…i warn you…be careful…i have had a bad experience with it before.”Dori

“The local Wal-Mart didn’t have the ClearBlue Easy non-digitals that I usually get so I bought this product. Hey, all the Equate brands that I used were the same or better than the known brands. What could have gone wrong?

I followed the instructions in the box and four of the tests didn’t work! No matter if I peed in a cup or peed on the stick, nothing could register to make the test work. Because of this, I never was able to get a positive OPK. I will never use this brand again!” – jerrysliljess

“I have NEVER got a positive response on any. I’ve purchased two boxes and in both boxes half of them didn’t even work! I will not be wasting my money on these again!ADavid323

“It works okay, buy you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to guess whether the line is dark enough, to mean you’re ovulating. I abandoned these after a few months of confusion as to whether I was actually ovulating or about to ovulate, or what. I went back to the other brand that shows the smiley face when it’s time. The lack of guesswork was worth the extra money I saved on these. Actually I didn’t save anything with these because I had to use them for several months. I used the smiley face one once and got pregnant right away. Oh, by the way this is my second pregnancy, and both times started with this type of test to save money, but it was the smiley face that did it for me each time. Don’t waste your time, ladies!”LMC

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