First Response Early Response (FRER) What the Manufacturers don’t tell you!



So, a line is a line? No matter how faint and regardless of color intensity. Well, at least that’s what we have always been told by our Doctors, friends, family and even certain websites. If you Google it – it must be true! I was absolutely a firm believer in this myself, until recently. Some well known name brands of HPT’s (Home Pregnancy Tests ) will give you the specific concentration of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) the pregnancy hormone secreted once the fertilized egg implants itself into the uterine lining – the average Test ranging from 25miu to 40miu. And then there are some, that won’t. 


Image: www.first Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak

Image: Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak


Nowadays, several brands advertise that their tests can detect pregnancy 6 days sooner! Wow how technology has changed a lot since these tests first came out. Specifically one of the most well known, First Response Early Response. Also known as, “FRER.” It’s a (Pink Dye Test) and most of us have recommended it to someone else at some point or another, especially if you’re actively TTC (Trying To Conceive). It’s always been our go-to brand! Known as one of the most reliable.


Well recently in our lovely little Facebook Group, the sensitivity actually came into question. There have been consumer studies that have suggested that although it’s sensitivity is 25miu – it can detect as little as 12.5miu, or even as low as 6.5miu. Talk about being sensitive! Most of us going through that TTC journey, (as stressful as it can be) tend to track our CM (Cervical Mucus ) our CP (Cervical Position ) and of course our BBT (Basal Body Temperature ). Which is known as Charting! And since we now can pinpoint exactly when Ovulation occurs through Blood Work and a higher Shift in our temperatures, we now also have a better idea as to when we can start testing for pregnancy. Of course the closer you are to your missed period, the more reliable the results will be. Our LP (Luteal Phase) generally remains the same from cycle to cycle and is about 12-14 days on average for most women – although it can range anywhere from 10-16 days realistically. Implantation usually occurs anywhere between 6-12dpo. So with that being said, most on average usually start testing around 8-9dpo and continue until they get their BFP (Big Fat Positive) or until the dreadful Period rears her ugly face. That can usually be predicted with a drop in temps as Estrogen is responsible for the first part of our cycle known as the FP (Follicular Phase) and in order to sustain a healthy pregnancy, progesterone is needed and will dominate the second half once Ovulation occurs. Because Progesterone is a heat inducing hormone, it causes the temperature rise once Ovulation occurs.


Now the only thing about testing early, is you need to have a highly sensitive test! If you are in fact pregnant, you can get a ton of false negatives using 40-50miu tests that early on, as it may take several days after implantation occurs to produce enough HCG to register positive on a test. That’s usually when First Response comes into play! Being one of the most sought after tests and known for their accuracy and (again) reliability.


Image: www.first Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak

Image: Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak


They are (Midstream Tests) and fairly easy to use. You should always read the instructions thoroughly before using any HPT to avoid misinterpreting the results or even to prevent common user errors. With these, you can put the absorbent tip inside your urine stream, or you can collect a urine sample in sanitary clean cup. I usually opt to collect mine in a clean cup, so if I notice the sample isn’t concentrated enough, I can dump it and try again later – as to avoid wasting a test. They also just came out with a newer model, and it resembles the Clearblue Easy Blue Dye Test!



Image: www.first Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak

Image: Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak


It advertises a 50% wider tip, Easy to Read Window and a longer handle. Unfortunately I haven’t had an opportunity to try one, but I’m sure it’ll make going pee a bit more fun! Ha Ha….


Now, for the bitter sweet news. I am very shocked and dissapointed with what we have found out recently. The admin in our group, who also runs her very own blogging site (Love Echoes Forever ) and a truly amazing one I might add – decided to call the First Response Manufacturer directly to inquire about the sensitivity of their HCG tests, which also may include their Digital Gold.



Image: www.first Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak

Image: Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak


In regards to their digital, it’s still a bit inconclusive as from Consumer Studies and information we have found on other various websites, the sensitivity for that specific test is indicated at 18miu. I was a bit shocked with the outcome of their Pink Dye Test, which is a bit more common. So here is a quote, from Monique.


“OK, the number I called is the number they have on their insert.




I chose all the options for the First Response Early Results test. Then after listening to all the information, I chose 0, to speak to customer service.


I talked to Betsy. She told me the information on sensitivity level is proprietary information. But the test is quantitive not qualitative & any amount of of hCG in your system can result in a second line.”


So, what does that mean exactly?? Well…. (in a nutshell) – It’s actually very similar to getting a blood test done, which many of us do whenever we get a positive result on a HPT. Now there are two different types of HCG blood tests that your PCP, OB, or even RE can order. The most common is a Qualitative Test, which is common to most urine tests. You need a certain concentration of HCG in your system in order for that test to come back as Positive. It simply says, YES you are Pregnant, or NO you are not. Now a Quantitive Test will give you specific numbers. No matter how much or how little HCG you have in your system, that test will give you a count. Anything below 5miu is considered non-pregnant levels of HCG. Anything usually at 5-25miu will require a redraw, and anything above 25miu is considered positive for pregnancy.


Now with that being said, the First Response Test doesn’t have a specific concentration needed! I believe it is Quantitative which means that ANY AMOUNT of the hormone found in your system, will cause a 2nd line to produce. Even amounts that are technically considered to be Not Pregnant, which would be anything under 5miu.


(A debate also entails that it could be Qualitative with a threshold of zero)


The unfortunate thing about that, is there are other factors that can cause SOME levels of HCG to be circulating throughout our system at all times. Not saying that applies to everyone. But for some, yes.


– Pre Menopause can cause elevated levels of HCG 

– Any medication(s) containing small trace amounts of HCG 

– Some Fertility medications 

– The HCG Trigger Shot 

– Certain Cysts 

– Even certain Cancers 


Now, for the majority of those who are NOT actively TTC, this probably won’t effect them as much since they typically wouldn’t test until after their period was late. Normally by that time, you’ve accumulated a high enough concentration to form a nice, dark, unmistakable line. So in this case, the test can still be considered reliable.


As for those of us who on the other hand are ACTIVELY TTC, that’s where the problem comes in. We tend to test early, and that means (again) that an expected FAINT line which would normally be acceptable that early on in pregnancy, could very well be a FALSE LINE! Which in the end can cause tons of false hope and can be truly heartbreaking! So honestly, this truly upsets me. I am starting to believe, “A line is a line no matter how faint or the color intensity,” is going to truly become a thing of the past soon. Other brands will certainly want to keep up with the competition and I truly believe more and more manufacturers will start to convert their tests that way. 


This is my advice to anyone who attempts to use a First Response, treat it as an OPK (Ovulation Predictor Kits) where when you see the line is equal to or darker than the control line, it’s considered positive! And my other advice, follow up with a Blood Test!


Last but not least – ALWAYS read the manufacturers instructions thoroughly before taking a test!


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The BEST Deals on Ovulation Tests and Pregnancy Tests



If you’re actively TTC (Trying To Conceive) and especially for those of you who are (Charting) your fertility, (Basal Body Temperature, Cervical Mucus, Cervical Position and of course by also using Ovulation Predictor Kits in conjunction with those other primary fertility indicators) – You’re more than likely also wanting to test on or around the time of your expected period! And granted, if you’re an early tester it can get costly. HPT’s (Home Pregnancy Tests) come in all different forms such as Test Strips, Cassette Tests, Midstreams and even Digitals. Most of us are on a budget and I’ve made it my mission to find some of the absolute BEST DEALS that can make it way more affordable to Pee-On-That-Stick!


10miu HCG Test Strips:

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15miu HCG Test Strips:

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25miu HCG Test Strips:

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Midstream HCG Tests:

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Cassette HCG Tests:

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Ovulation Test Strips:

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Combo Deals:

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Quantity: 30 LH / 10 HCG Strips $5.99 + Free Shipping

Name Brand Pregnancy Tests:

Quantity: 3 First Response Early Results Midstream Tests (25miu but can detect 6.5miu) $12.95 + Free Shipping

Quantity: 8 Clearblue Digital Midstream Tests $21.50 + Free Shipping

Quantity: 9 E.P.T Midstream Tests (40miu) $25.00 + Free Shipping

Quantity: 6 E.P.T Midstream Tests (40miu) $7.50 + $2.50 Shipping

Quantity: 3 E.P.T Digital Tests (40miu) $7.49 + Free Shipping

Quantity: 6 Clearblue Plus Midstream Tests (25miu) $24.99 + Free Shipping

Quantity: 2 CVS Brand Digital Midstream Tests $9.99 + Free Shipping

Quantity: 3 CVS Brand Early Result Midstream Tests $4.99 + $1.93 Shipping

Quantity: 2 Answer Midstream Tests $7.77 + Free Shipping

DISCLAIMER: These may be limited time offers only! Prices and Shipping Fees are subject to change.

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Home Pregnancy Test Sensitivities

Pregnancy TEST Sensitivities

Image: Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak


At the end of every cycle, (one of two things can happen) either the dreaded AF (Aunt Flo) rears her ugly head or you find you’ve missed your Period!

Some of us Chart our cycles every month by taking our BBT (Basal Body Temperature) using a special kind of Thermometer called a, “Basal Body Thermometer.” They are a bit more sensitive, and can record even the slightest body fluctuations. The next thing would be our CM (Cervical Mucus) which goes through different phases throughout the course of our cycle, as well as our CP (Cervical Position).

During the first Part of our cycle, Estrogen is responsible for gearing our bodies up for Ovulation. Once that happens you’ll notice your CM and CP getting less fertile and Progesterone (which is a heat inducing Hormone) keeps our Temperatures higher and elevated until AF shows up. Progesterone is responsible for the second half of our cycle known as the (Luteal Phase). If your Temperatures remain elevated past your ETD (Estimated Testing Day) or the day you’re expecting your Period – chances are you may be Pregnant! Estrogen is responsible for the first Part of our cycle, (Follicular Phase) so it just makes sense that our Temperature will drop within a day or two of AF.

There are all kinds of different Test Sensitivities, and you’ll find it rather easy deciding which one is right for you depending on how far along you may be in your possible Pregnancy. Usually the first day of your missed Period you can expect a reliable result, although some opt to start testing as Early as 8dpo (Days Past Ovulation). A good rule of thumb is if you KNOW you’re testing Early, you may want to rely on a HIGHLY SENSITIVE TEST that’s at least 25 mlU/ml and if you’re far enough along than usually a 40 or 50 mIU/ml should be sufficient.

Here is a List I’ve put together by Name Brand and Sensitivity!

Tests UNDER 25 mIU/ml:

– First Response Digital Gold 18mIU/ml
– First Response Early Result (Quantative Test that will pick up ANY amount of HCG per the manufacturer)

20 mIU/ml Tests:
– AimStep
– Aim Midstream 
– AimStick OTC PBO
– AimStick OTC/Accu Dip
At Home Pregnancy Test
– D Best One Step
Early Pregnancy Test
Save On Tests
– Simplicity
Tests For Less

25 mIU/ml Tests:
– AccuHome
– Answer
– Answer Quick & Simple
– Clearblue Easy (Digital) 35-50 mIU/ml
– Clearblue Easy Earliest Result
– Confirm 1-Step
– CVS Brand (Midstream)
– E.P.T. ( + or – ) Result Window
– Equate ( l l ) 2 line Result Window
– Equate ( + or – ) Result Window
– Fact Plus (Cassette)
– Fact Plus 1-Step (Cassette)

– First Signal One-Step Pregnancy Test (cassette)
– Health Check
– Health Mark
– Insta Test
– Iverness ( + or – ) Result Window
– Life Sign One Step (Midstream)
– New Choice (Dollar Tree Brand – Cassette)
– Smart Strip HCG (Fertilinet)
– Walgreens Brand (Digital)
– Puralin One Step Pregnancy Test
– One Step Be Sure Pregnancy Test

40 mIU/ml Tests:
– E.P.T ( l l ) 2 Line Result Window
– E.P.T ( + or – ) Result Window
– E.P.T Certainty

50 mIU/ml Tests:
– Clearblue Easy
– CVS Brand (Cassette)
– Early Pregnancy Test
– Iverness II
– Dollar Store Tests
– Target Brand
– Rite Aide Brand
– Drug Emporium Brand

100 mIU/ml Tests:
– Fact Plus Pro (Cassette)
– Walgreens Brand (Midstream)

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