How to get Urine Stains off of a HPT


Whenever you’re testing for Pregnancy, (especially in Early Pregnancy) it’s always best to use FMU (First Morning Urine) in order to have the highest amount of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) available for detection. If that’s not possible you can always hold your Urine for a minimum of 2-4 hours while refraining from drinking any beverages!

But unfortunately with that being said, highly Concentrated Urine typically is very dark in color, in comparison to diluted Urine which is very transparent and light. Sometimes when the test is completely dry, (more often than not) after it’s been sitting out for a while – it can leave a nasty looking Urine film where it once ran across the test.

If you’re anything like most of who are actively TTC (Trying To Conceive) there may come a time when you would like to show a family member or even a friend online to seek their opinion in distinguishing a second Line – (Evaporation Line?) or perhaps you would just simply like to share the good news! Either way, a strong, yellow film can make the test very undesirable and even a bit embarrassing to show. So what can you do?

I conducted an Experiment, and this is what the Tests initially looked like the next day.


I was supposed to make an Update on the outcome and was a bit grossed out with the way they looked. Not to mention Dried Urine can also cause an Evaporation Line to appear.

I had read somewhere that you can CLEAN a TEST simply by redepositing water on it, so I thought I would test the theory out. I used a Cassette Test and a Test Strip for this specific Experiment. I treated both of the HCG Tests as if they had never been used before and deposited 5 drops of water where the Urine would go, then proceeded to re-dip the Test Strip. I started to see the water (slowly but surely) literally wash away the Dried, excess Urine!


I was actually very surprised that I was watching this work Because the stains were REALLY DARK.


The trick is, you have to make sure that  the test is COMPLETELY DRY first before attempting this, otherwise there’s no way for the water to absorb and you will over saturate the test including the container (which can be a huge pain!)

In the end, this is how the Tests looked! And I gotta say, I was really impressed!


You may want to do those a couple times before you deem this as Picture-Worthy!

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