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Many of us use OPK’s (Ovulation Predictor Kits) regularly. There are so many brands out there and with that being said, I thought I would give reviews on the ones I use.

Most of us are familiar with this huge super-center franchise known as Wal-Mart. (I personally shop there ALL THE TIME!) Although they’re known for their, “Great Values,” sometimes even if it’s inexpensive – there can be some sort of bigger price to pay! And then on the other hand, sometimes you do truly get a great product at a fantastic price.

Today I’m going to talk about Wal-Mart’s Brand of OPK – The Equate Midstream Ovulation Test.


Image: Graphics: Pee-On-A-Stick-Freak

Clearly you can see it’s a, “Blue Dye Test,” which if you’ve ever read anything online about them, you may have heard how they are known notoriously (especially in reference to Home Pregnancy Tests) for their, “False Positives,” but more commonly known as, “Evaporation Lines.”

Using an OPK, it’s never uncommon to see two lines though, even after the allotted time-frame in which you have to accurately interpret the results. So in a way, that theory usually won’t apply to these. However, simply being ABLE to accurately interpret the results is just as important! This was my first experience using a Blue Dye OPK and I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with Equates Brand.

The opacity of the Lines, made the Tests extremely difficult to read at times. There was never truly a, “Solid,” line persay. It was almost a Light Blue or Turquoise color that was a bit transparent. The first illustration helped to showcase the Tests Dye color, but here’s two ACTUAL Tests from my own collection.

Yes they were both positive, but for a newbie or inexperienced person testing with these I could see how they would be a bit confusing to the untrained eye.

I would think if they were going to use a Blue Dye rather than a Pink Dye when manufacturing their Tests, they would at least opt to use a Darker Blue that would be easier to read. Not to mention, (after a few minutes) the Dye on the Test starts to fade.

The Equate Brand Midstream Ovulation Tests come in a pack of 7 and cost about $12, but honestly I would highly recommend spending a few extra dollars and investing in a better Brand. Even for a Blue Dye Test, they’re at the bottom of the list in my opinion.

Here’s my VLOG Review about them, (for a more in-depth look) as I Test them out myself!



I give this Product two thumbs down. If you’re wanting to save money, I would say – find a Pink Dye Test instead.

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Home Pregnancy Test Sensitivities

Pregnancy TEST Sensitivities

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At the end of every cycle, (one of two things can happen) either the dreaded AF (Aunt Flo) rears her ugly head or you find you’ve missed your Period!

Some of us Chart our cycles every month by taking our BBT (Basal Body Temperature) using a special kind of Thermometer called a, “Basal Body Thermometer.” They are a bit more sensitive, and can record even the slightest body fluctuations. The next thing would be our CM (Cervical Mucus) which goes through different phases throughout the course of our cycle, as well as our CP (Cervical Position).

During the first Part of our cycle, Estrogen is responsible for gearing our bodies up for Ovulation. Once that happens you’ll notice your CM and CP getting less fertile and Progesterone (which is a heat inducing Hormone) keeps our Temperatures higher and elevated until AF shows up. Progesterone is responsible for the second half of our cycle known as the (Luteal Phase). If your Temperatures remain elevated past your ETD (Estimated Testing Day) or the day you’re expecting your Period – chances are you may be Pregnant! Estrogen is responsible for the first Part of our cycle, (Follicular Phase) so it just makes sense that our Temperature will drop within a day or two of AF.

There are all kinds of different Test Sensitivities, and you’ll find it rather easy deciding which one is right for you depending on how far along you may be in your possible Pregnancy. Usually the first day of your missed Period you can expect a reliable result, although some opt to start testing as Early as 8dpo (Days Past Ovulation). A good rule of thumb is if you KNOW you’re testing Early, you may want to rely on a HIGHLY SENSITIVE TEST that’s at least 25 mlU/ml and if you’re far enough along than usually a 40 or 50 mIU/ml should be sufficient.

Here is a List I’ve put together by Name Brand and Sensitivity!

Tests UNDER 25 mIU/ml:

– First Response Digital Gold 18mIU/ml
– First Response Early Result (Quantative Test that will pick up ANY amount of HCG per the manufacturer)

20 mIU/ml Tests:
– AimStep
– Aim Midstream 
– AimStick OTC PBO
– AimStick OTC/Accu Dip
At Home Pregnancy Test
– D Best One Step
Early Pregnancy Test
Save On Tests
– Simplicity
Tests For Less

25 mIU/ml Tests:
– AccuHome
– Answer
– Answer Quick & Simple
– Clearblue Easy (Digital) 35-50 mIU/ml
– Clearblue Easy Earliest Result
– Confirm 1-Step
– CVS Brand (Midstream)
– E.P.T. ( + or – ) Result Window
– Equate ( l l ) 2 line Result Window
– Equate ( + or – ) Result Window
– Fact Plus (Cassette)
– Fact Plus 1-Step (Cassette)

– First Signal One-Step Pregnancy Test (cassette)
– Health Check
– Health Mark
– Insta Test
– Iverness ( + or – ) Result Window
– Life Sign One Step (Midstream)
– New Choice (Dollar Tree Brand – Cassette)
– Smart Strip HCG (Fertilinet)
– Walgreens Brand (Digital)
– Puralin One Step Pregnancy Test
– One Step Be Sure Pregnancy Test

40 mIU/ml Tests:
– E.P.T ( l l ) 2 Line Result Window
– E.P.T ( + or – ) Result Window
– E.P.T Certainty

50 mIU/ml Tests:
– Clearblue Easy
– CVS Brand (Cassette)
– Early Pregnancy Test
– Iverness II
– Dollar Store Tests
– Target Brand
– Rite Aide Brand
– Drug Emporium Brand

100 mIU/ml Tests:
– Fact Plus Pro (Cassette)
– Walgreens Brand (Midstream)

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